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Residential, Commercial & Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Add more style and durability to your old concrete floors. We use High-Quality Industrial Grade epoxys.

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Concrete Epoxy Flooring

Residential & Commercial Epoxy Services in los Angeles

Wader full designs, Attractive and Functional Industrial, Commercial & Residential Resinous Flooring Systems with Integrated grinded base, primed base, epoxy coating, poly urethane or Polyaspartic Coating system. Using the fleck system, mica system, metallic colors, and 3D Designs. We build the thickness layer by layer, using European & USA application techniques. We are Certified by European and USA Schools.

Can epoxies be applied onto surfaces other than concrete?

While the vast majority of surfaces will come across in industrial settings are concrete, there are others that pop up from time to time. Just like concrete, these materials have their challenges.

wood epoxy flooring

Wood Floors

The main problem with wood Is movement. Hard, rigid epoxy flooring can not be applied onto a surface that is not completely rigid itself, otherwise cracks develop.

tile epoxy flooring

Ceramic Tile Floors

The main concern is adhesion. With epoxy onto the tile and the tile onto concrete or another surface. Tile has glossy surface and need preparation before epoxy application.

metal epoxy flooring

Metal Floors

Biggest adjustment hat need to be made with metal surfaces is in the preparation. This includes Galvanized steel and aluminum will have lots of adhesion problems.

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