Customize Your Concrete Floor with High-Performance Industrial Epoxy
Coatings for Concrete

Located in Los Angeles, Epoxy Floor 3D, is a growing to become one of the best floor coating on concrete applications contractor. Proudly using European and American application techniques, with coatings made in the USA.
Epoxy Floor 3D specializes in the solid epoxy floorings applications on concrete floors for interior homes such us: living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, apartments, and business offices, etc.

Epoxy Floor 3D
Los Angeles, CA.

We offer a broad scope of epoxy floor coating solid epoxy, polyurethane floor coating, metallic colors, wonderful 3D designs, and other decorative resinous concrete flooring solutions

Customize Your Concrete Floor with High-Performance Industrial Epoxy
Coatings for Concrete

3D Epoxy Flooring Los Angeles – Refinisher Epoxy
Floor Contractor

The process involves laying down a layer of self-leveling primer followed by the 3D Design.

Then, is treated with a clear epoxy component and polyurethane to give the perfect image dept.

Visual Effect:
The most significant advantage of Epoxy Floor 3D is the awesome/stunning visual effect onto the floor. By choosing the right 3D floor design, patter and color, with the help of self-leveling epoxy coating system we can create a visually increase the room space.

The Installed epoxy 3D floor gives the perception of depth, making the room more livable.

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Residential & Commercial Epoxy Flooring

3D Epoxy Flooring

3D Printed Epoxy Flooring

3D Flooring is a technology introduced to give an exclusive and unique design. It is appealing, and extends the life of the floor.

Flake epoxy flooring

Flakes System

Flake System consist of layers of paint chips broadcast into epoxy, then encapsulated by a urethane topcoat to achieve a custom finish.

metallic mica epoxy flooring

Metallic & Mica System

Metallic & Mica Epoxy combine additional pigments applied within the epoxy to produce visually stunning

Why Concrete Should Be Protected

Why Concrete Should Be Protected?


In order for concrete to reach the maximum life cycle, the concrete must be protected from both environmental issues and intended concrete usage. Concrete needs to be protected from several types of elements.

These included moisture penetration from rain and snow, chemicals from spills, abrasion, wear from foot and vehicle traffic. By applying coatings such as epoxy and urethane cements to the surface of the concrete, the life cycle of the concrete can be extended because the coating acts as a wear or sacrificial layer, protecting the concrete from stains, abrasion, and moisture intrusion.

Concrete, because of its porous nature, is very susceptible to staining. Concrete epoxy coatings seal and protect a concrete surface and help to keep a concrete floor looking clean and stain free. The sealed surface is easy to clean with a broom or mop.

Purpose of Epoxy Floor

Purpose of Epoxy Floor


Concrete floors require protection. Choosing the right concrete floor coating system is essential to meet the performance requirements of commercial, industrial, or residential environments.

Epoxy Floor 3D will help you who to select a high performance coating system based of the conditions and requirements of your floor.

Choose a pro and true Epoxy Installer

Choose a pro & true Epoxy Installer


Epoxy Floor 3D is well trained as “A” true installer in the field of floor coatings and concrete epoxy installation serving all Los Angeles, County.What make Epoxy Floor 3D stand out from our competitors are our expertise, workmanship techniques used, and Service Excellence.

We are trained and certified by almost all top coatings manufacturers we use. Our crew has extensive knowledge of the industry, products, standards, procedures and applications.

Equally is the main goal and important, we are committed to do it right at the first time and provide excellent customer service throughout the whole installation process. We make sure your floor to be handled to the highest industry standards quality and durability.

Epoxy physical characteristics:

  • Protection: dust proofing. Will not form laitance. No porous surface.
  • Support High/Heavy Traffic.
  • Waterproof floor: Seals the floor making it completely waterproof.
  • Fire Resistance: Epoxy/polymers do not burn, will not catch fire; but will melt under high fire temperature exposure.
  • Monolithic surface: Created by layers and bonded to one thick unique film surface on substrate.
  • Decoration: modern design with 3D Stunning & wonderful Visual Effects.
  • High Strength/Hard to broke.
  • Flexible & Elastic surface.
  • Thickness build film by many layers during the installation.
  • Chemical and stain resistant.
  • Slip resistance and safety. Non-slip surface.
  • Durable and abrasive resistant floor.
  • Oil, chemical, and stain resistant floor.
  • Unbelievably easy to maintain and clean.
  • Safe and hygiene friendly. Anti-microbial functions and increasing light levels.
  • Hides all small holes, cracks, and imperfections in the concrete.
  • Adds a layer of shock protection against falling tools from chipping the concrete surface.


3D Epoxy Designs can be installed on residential homes, apartments, shopping malls, halls, offices. Due to its creativity and high performance. In the last decade, is the latest fad in the fancy floor systems.


The process involves laying down a layer of self-leveling primer followed by the 3D Design. Then, is treated with a clear epoxy component and polyurethane to give the perfect image dept.

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